Made to measure 

Special events & corporate
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Pool table "smash box" made for the launch of a Nicolas Cage movie.

1kg. Filled with chocolates.

Guide Price: £120

We originally built this intricate chocolate log cabin as part of a display for a Champion's League football match against Basel FC.


It has now become a staple of our Christmas offering.

Guide Price: £60

log cabin white.jpg

Unique printing technology


By using the latest technology, we are able to print logos or images straight onto chocolate, including 3-D shapes.

In this example, we printed a corporate logo with sparkling gold cocoa butter onto dark chocolates with a salted caramel centre.

We have created bespoke chocolate designs for companies such as Arsenal FC, Jaguar Land Rover, Fabergé, Audemars Piguet, Fora, Goldsystem, Trevor Sorbie, Joseph Hage Aaronson, Tancroft Communications, SIX Swiss Stock Exchange, Impartner Software and Facebook.

As we are based in the West End, we have also worked with several film and theatre productions.