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Making vegan chocolate can be a challenge. Without milk or butter, truffles and pralines can be very dry. Vegetable oils can be used but this has an impact on taste and consistency. 

We solve this challenge by using hazelnut or almond and throwing them into a blender for 15 minutes to make a smooth "butter". We have found that these ingredients marry well with chocolate and provide a consistent texture without an overbearing taste. 

MUST TRY: Our 80% smooth hazelnut praline.


Many customers have asked us to make zero sugar chocolates that still taste great. There are two ways we do this:

1. For a sweet but diabetic-friendly chocolate we replace sugar with maltitol.  We find this leaves less of a sickly aftertaste than other sweeteners.

2. Our 100% range of chocolate is growing in popularity. Specially formulated for a demanding customer of ours, we have made apricot and hazelnut clusters in 100% chocolate. That's it. Only 3 ingredients. The nuts remove the dryness of the cocoa and the apricot, well just tastes great!

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